Thursday, December 27, 2007


I update new clothing after a while. This outfit is also entirely hand-drawn. There are 2 colors included. You can also mix and match the components to create new outfit compositions. As usual, it's mod and copy.

Hope you'll like it!

link to my store: Tohru's shop

Sunday, October 28, 2007

1st year anniversary release!

To celebrate my store's 1st year anniversary, I decided to release a free swimsuit: Shion's swimsuit, also from Xenosaga I.

I finally have some free time after the hiatus to play around with the sculpties :). As you can see in the pic, the new avie has a sculpted head XD. I tried to make her look as close to Shion as possible :). Maybe I'll make more anime avies in future...
You can tp to my main store from this link

Tohru's shop blog openning!

Hi hi, this is the first entry of the Official Tohru's shop blog. I'm so excited haha.

Because I have been on hiatus for quite a long time (prob 4 months or so), I decide to post some of my new products here... Hope everyone is still doing fine :)

Okay for this first entry I'm proud to present a new outfit in my shop: Vector's uniform. for a disclaimer: this was inspired by the outstanding video game Xenosaga: Der Wil Zur Macht (not sure if I spell it correctly lol), which belongs to Monolith soft and Namco.

Here's the link to my SL main store in case you are interested :)