Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How nostalgic...

Lately I have not been in SL much...
Just today, I paid a visit to Luna. My very first store is still there. Even though it looks pathetically small and people rarely go there anymore, it still brings back memories.

I started my SL as a small, tiny, unimportant avatar. No friend, no money, no place to call home. (man, don't we all... XD). I recall how SL - still a pretty bare environment back then - has hit me dramatically with all of its vibrant prospects.

Then it all began fromt there

I have always loved computer graphic, and video games XD. So when I found out about SL being a "world entirely created by its residence", I thought to myself: "This is it! This is what I have always been looking for..."

But when I started I don't even have a cent in my pocket. So I started saving money to upload textures and rent a vendor space. I can pay to set up everything, but it would kill the excitement, don't you think?

In the end, I didn't succeed. lol. The money I earned from *camping* (rofl) was not even enough for me to buy myself anything, except for the so-called 'freebies'. So I spent most of my time at a place that have lots of games. You pay to play and get rewarded for winning. Slowly I found my budget building up...

But that's still not enough. Lol. At the time you would need about L$200 per week to rent a small vendor space with very few prims.

But I didn't give up.

One day, when I was playing the games as usual, there came a very nice lady who were interested in how desperate I was (lol). She carries a lot of super cool weapons (Please don't mind me, back then the standard of "cool" weapon was very different from now) and even started playing a flute (She composed the tune herself, so cool!)

We talked for a long time, and she took me to places (including the House of Blade Mall, but sadly I wasn't allowed into the arena). We parted way there.

*Ends of flashbacks - part 1*

To be continued... lol.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Tohru's new home

I'm moving out today :). Thanks for taking care of me Tsi, I hope you and Arwyn will reconcile soon!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I released the first avatar in my anime avie line, Kyo Sohma from the famous manga/anime Fruits Basket. Kyo comes complete with custom anime head, clothing, shoes and accessories, even his trademark beads!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


I update new clothing after a while. This outfit is also entirely hand-drawn. There are 2 colors included. You can also mix and match the components to create new outfit compositions. As usual, it's mod and copy.

Hope you'll like it!

link to my store: Tohru's shop

Sunday, October 28, 2007

1st year anniversary release!

To celebrate my store's 1st year anniversary, I decided to release a free swimsuit: Shion's swimsuit, also from Xenosaga I.

I finally have some free time after the hiatus to play around with the sculpties :). As you can see in the pic, the new avie has a sculpted head XD. I tried to make her look as close to Shion as possible :). Maybe I'll make more anime avies in future...
You can tp to my main store from this link

Tohru's shop blog openning!

Hi hi, this is the first entry of the Official Tohru's shop blog. I'm so excited haha.

Because I have been on hiatus for quite a long time (prob 4 months or so), I decide to post some of my new products here... Hope everyone is still doing fine :)

Okay for this first entry I'm proud to present a new outfit in my shop: Vector's uniform. for a disclaimer: this was inspired by the outstanding video game Xenosaga: Der Wil Zur Macht (not sure if I spell it correctly lol), which belongs to Monolith soft and Namco.

Here's the link to my SL main store in case you are interested :)